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Pharmacy Services

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Delivery services are completely free of charge!

Free Delivery
medicine packaging

You have the added benefit of not needing to pay for our packaging services!

Free Suremed Medication Packaging
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Get all your medications filled on the same day every month, we call you when it's ready.

Synchronize Medication Refills
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Learn more about diabetes and how to manage the condition.

Diabetic Center

Shipping Center Services

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We can deliver your packages overnight and not a day longer!

Overnight Delivery

For more information on our postage stamps, click the link below!

Stamps Sold
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Tracking your orders efficiently and ensuring their on-time delivery!

Packaging Tracking
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We offer exceptional quality products at an affordable price!

Faster Service and Better Prices

Welcome to Vistacare Pharmacy and Shipping Center

We understand the importance of offering quality healthcare solutions and shipping services to all our customers and clients. This is what we’ve been aiming to do since the establishment of our company and it’s what we will continue to be doing for as long as we are operational. We seek to partner with people in improving health and wellbeing through the provision of quality medication, superior customer service, and top-notch shipping services. Team up with us today and experience, first hand, how we can improve your quality of life.


Our Mission

To provide premium quality healthcare solutions and shipping services that greatly enhance the quality of life of our customers and clients. We want to be known and valued for providing affordable and high-quality medication, brilliant prescription solutions, and superior shipping services that serve the unique needs of people in the community.